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Life at Darktrace

Would you like to work at the cutting edge of AI innovation?

At Darktrace, we offer a range of exciting and dynamic career paths that will allow you to develop new skillsets, work with inspiring colleagues and challenge yourself. We encourage curiosity and a problem-solving mindset, and value supportive teamwork and collaboration.

I started at Darktrace with limited security knowledge, but everyone was so kind and non-judgmental, and I never felt afraid to reach out and ask for help. We have a real comradery, and we all look up to each other and develop our skills together.
Kendra Gonzalez Duran, Senior Product Specialist, San Francisco
I always suggest Darktrace to anyone interested in software development. For me, it really feels like an extension of my maths degree, especially when you get those knotty problems which take a couple of days to solve. Having freedom in what you get to work on helps you to learn a lot really quickly, and it’s rewarding to have ownership over a project right away.
Jake Lal, Software Engineer, Cambridge
I love that my role encompasses a lot of different responsibilities and there is ample opportunity to focus on the areas which interest me most. Working with a team of talented engineers to build a product with the power to solve one of the biggest issues facing society today is highly motivating!
Connie Chapman, Development Product Lead, Cambridge
Everyone starts from scratch no matter their background because Darktrace is such a unique technology, and that’s really the fun of it. There’s a huge number of challenges, and you have to be on the ball to solve them – that’s far more attractive to me than doing the same thing every day.
Arnold Moore, Cyber Technologist, Melbourne
The people are awesome. Everyone’s willing to extend a helping hand! We all work well with each other and are willing to compromise to get things done. The team is very friendly and understanding, and I’ve been able to learn a lot from them. I’ve also been able to take on responsibilities quickly, and within 6 months, I’ve become the one helping others with new training.
Kyle McQuillan, Cyber Engineer, Reston
Working in the events team means no two days look alike. The role involves much more than just planning and running events, it’s a chance to work with people from across Darktrace toward a shared vision. There’s no better feeling than seeing an event you have been working on for months come to fruition and realising the impact it’ll have on the business as a whole.
Caterina Piccolomini, Marketing & Events Executive, London